Beckenham and West Wickham MRC

New 0 Test Track

Scale: 0
System: DC and DCC
Size: 14ft x 14ft

The test track has been designed so that it can also be used as part of a new oval layout. The 10 curved boards have 2 tracks, and the inner curve is just over 6ft radius. There are two complete circles with separate track power. One board has a third track, which can be used as a programming track. This will also be the head shunt for the goods yard when used in the full layout. The test track baseboards are 1 ft wide and use laser cut modules from Tim Horn.

Later we may add 1 of the 4ft fiddle yard boards in each side with a crossover in one of the boards. Currently the circle is working fine without them, and we did not get enough holes, laser cut in the 2 ft wide fiddle yard end boards to do this.