Farnborough Road

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About Farnborough Road

Scale: 7mm:1 foot
Period: 1950s
Location: Fictitious ex-LSWR
Size: 32 ft x 3 ft (terminus) or 40 ft x 16 ft (oval)
System: DCC

A fictional terminus somewhere in Berkshire on a North / South axis which feeds the local industry and lots of commuters. The period is after nationalisation in the mid-fifties.

We are trying to model a typical new township expanding and having some industries and a lot of passenger workings. You will see a milk collection depot which forwards tankers to Vauxhall and collects churns and sends them back to the farms. The train service provides local workings to the western region by 14XX engines and a push-pull coach. The southern has a two coach set which serves the intermediate stations.

There is a semi fast working to London Bridge via Redhill and occasional regional workings from the midlands.

The layout as a terminus has had one outing with the new cassette based fiddle yard. The layout as an oval with through station went to the October 2012 show, and Fort Pitt in September 2014. Most of the problems seems to be fixed and the repaired Lenz systems worked perfectly. One or two wires have been pulled out during the trip but it should not take long to put those back.